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Boston MA 02110

My name is Allen Arseneau.  

This blog captures my adventures of becoming a Big Brother to a wonderful 7-yr old boy named Hunter.  My  own adventure began almost 28 years ago, when I became a Little Brother myself.  

That awkward first meeting

Boston BIG - A blog about being a Big Brother

This is a blog about my experiences become a Big Brother to a wonderful 7-yr old boy named Hunter.

My name is Allen, and I am a Boston BIG.  I live in the Boston area, and am a BIG Brother (Big Brother Big Sister of Massachusetts Bay Organization) to a 7-year old boy named Hunter.  Hunter lives with his  grandma and 4 siblings, and is in kind of a tough situation.  So, I am a positive adult role-model in his life.  I take him out about 3 times per month.  We have a blast.

People are often surprised by how much fun Hunter and I have on our many outings, so I decided to write this blog to capture some of our adventures, and to keep somewhat of a diary for Hunter.  

I personally know how beneficial having a BIG is.  I actually got my own BIG about 28 years ago, when my mother realized that her sons needed help.  My BIG, Paul, became my mentor and guiding light as I grew from a Boston troubled teen into a Stanford alum and business owner.  I talk to Paul almost every week nowadays.  Eventhough I have a wonderful 8 year-old daughter of my own, and run a start-up, I find a few hours each week to take Hunter out.  In fact, it is just as much a break for me as it is for him.

I hope you enjoy reading about some of our adventures.

That awkward first meeting

Allen Arseneau

Yesterday, I met my Little, Hunter, for the first time.  He is 7 years old, likes hot dogs and chocolate, likes to shoot hoops and read, and loves Legos.  He lives with his grandma, and 3 siblings.  I was relieved that Will, My BBBSMB liason, met me there to lead the meeting. 

I met everyone.  They were all great.  Hunter was kind of glued to his grandma’s side, and had a smile (from ear to ear) that seemed to be permanently stuck to his face.  His smile made me smile.  We were both nervous.  Excitedly nervous.

I let Hunter know that I have a daughter who is almost his age.  Hunter told me that he likes to read and eat hot dogs, and loves Legos.  He showed me his room, and then we talked about our first outing – a trip to the local mall.

Then we took a picture.  Silly faces are a great way to end a meeting.   


 I can’t wait to get to know Hunter better.

Allen Arseneau is a Big Brother in Boston.He first came to know of Big Brother Big Sisters (BBBS) 27 years ago, when he became a Little Brother himself.This blog chronicles Allen Arseneau's journey of becoming the best Big he can.
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